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A welcoming image of Hudson Passive House (New York) in the evening

Hudson Passive House; Location: Hudson NY, Architect: Dennis Wedlick Architect, Photo: Peter Aaron/OTTO

First of all we’d like to welcome you to the new International Passive House Association blog. We’re really excited to be launching the blog and we’re looking forward to making our first posts.

Many of you may already be familiar with our work but for those who aren’t, we are a small team working from the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt, Germany. Together with our international affiliates, we work to promote the Passive House Standard and help foster a greater public understanding of its significance internationally.

We hope that the blog will become a useful resource for professionals and the public alike to learn more about Passive House and the people working behind the scenes. We will be publishing a wide range of interesting content including expert interviews, case studies, FAQs and more. You could start by reading our exclusive interview with Dr. Wolfgang Feist, where he talks about building the world’s first Passive House.

We encourage you to get involved by providing us with your feedback, content suggestions or simply joining the discussion and commenting on our posts. If you aren’t yet an iPHA member, why not take a moment to find out about our fantastic membership benefits and be sure to subscribe to the blog via email to recieve notifications of new posts.

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  1. Great Idea a Blog about Passivhaus!:)

    why don’t make a post about first passivhaus plus built in italy?
    here you’ll find an abstract in deutsch:)

    keep posting please:)

    • Hey, thanks for your feedback, we’ll definitely be doing some Passive House case studies in future posts so keep checking back.

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