How to apply for Construction21’s Green Solutions Awards

What are the Green Solutions Awards?

Built by the different Construction21 chapters in Europe, Maghreb and China, the Green Solutions Awards is a contest which aims to accelerate the transformation of the sector towards sustainability by giving professionals from all over the world the opportunity to see exemplary buildings, districts and infrastructure.

The contest features a national stage, then an international final, where the winners are selected among the champions of each country. The international awards ceremony will take place in December at COP24 in Katowice (Poland).

By submitting your delivered sustainable buildings, districts and infrastructure, your know-how is guaranteed to be seen and promoted toward your peers all over the world and you will contribute to the enrichment of the information platform of the sector.

Last year, architect Kay Künzel’s Student Residence 42! in Bonn was crowned runner-up in the Low Carbon category of the competition. The dormitory is a certified Passive House building and received a tour group as part of the COP23 events.

The charcoal building facade belonging to the Student Residence 42 in Bonn

An international COP23 delegation visited the Passive House certified Student Residence 42! in Bonn, which went on to win runner-up in the Low Carbon category of the 2017 Green Buildings Awards ©Kay Künzel

Why should you participate?

Promote the know-how of pioneers

The Green Solutions Awards represents a powerful tool for visibility for industry professionals. Whether you win, get to the finals or simply participate, you will benefit from the promotion of the contest on every Construction21 platform and on social media. Your case studies, translated into every Construction21 language, will be seen by thousands of professionals around the world. Participating in the contest is a great way to show your expertise beyond your usual circle, to find new clients or new partners.

The competition is relayed by more than 70 national and international media partners. Candidates, sponsors and partners will be massively covered on the 12 Construction21 platforms and on social media. In 2017, the Awards generated 1.5 million views!

National ceremonies and an international winners’ gala during COP24 in Poland will highlight and distinguish the winners, in presence of personalities from the sector. Workshops and TV sets around the Green Solutions Awards will be held during partner events: Passi’bat, Intermat, Pollutec, Bepositive.

Furthermore, each international winner will be featured in a full page of the brochure of the contest, published in English, French, Spanish and Chinese. They will also receive a video highlighting their winning project. These videos will be widely disseminated on the web and social media.

Inside a light and airy student dorm in the Student Residence 42 in Bonn

Inside the Student Residence 42! in Bonn, Germany ©Kay Künzel

Dedicated events

Events will mark the duration of the contest, giving great opportunities to highlight competing buildings, districts and infrastructures, along with the professionals who designed and built them, as well as the partners of the awards.

In 2018 :

A network of active partners

The competition is supported by institutional partners, media and fairs in the construction sector, but also by numerous professional organisations committed to mobilising their members, in each country and at the international level.

At the national level, each Construction21 chapter mobilises professionals and networks in the sector.

At the international level, the Green Solutions Awards is supported by the Global Alliance for Buildings & Construction and benefits from the support of renown international NGOs such as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s R20, ICLEI, World Climate, etc. See all international partners.

An employee from PHI talking on stage with a projection screen behind her

Passive House Institute’s Camille Sifferlen presents at the Green Solution Awards ceremony as part of COP23, 2017 ©PHI

2018 competition timeline

March 15 Launch of the contest at MIPIM, international real estate fair, Cannes, France
June 8
Closing of applications
Communication campaign around the candidates
Online vote and juries to decide the national winners
September Announcement of the national winners
Communication campaign
Jury to decide the international winners
Communication campaign around the finalists
December International winners gala during the COP24, in Katowice, Poland
Communication campaign around the international winners

Who can compete?

Any building, district or infrastructure featuring sustainable solutions (materials, systems, processes, approaches) and contributing to the fight against climate change can be submitted. The application is free.

However, the submitted projects must have been delivered between January 1st, 2013 and June 30th, 2018 (or at least the first steps for districts).

These exemplary realisations can be published online by any project stakeholder, with the contractor’s authorisation:

  • contractors
  • architects
  • engineers
  • industrials
  • developers
  • building managers
  • or even building users

Discover the winners of 2017

A light coloured non-residential Passive House in Dubai

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center (MBRSC) in Dubai, also a Passive House, together with the Bonn Student Residence 42! was nominated for the Green Solutions Award 2017. © MBRSC / Dubai

How to apply

Entering the Green Solutions Awards is easy: simply publish a case study on Construction21 describing one of your exemplary projects (or more). By doing so, you will grant your know-how increased visibility in the sector, while enriching the platform dedicated to sustainable buildings and cities.

The application deadline is set for June 8th, but the first applicants will benefit from greater media coverage. Apply now!

1. Create your Construction21 account ( registration is free and only takes a few clicks)

2. Publish one of your exemplary realisations (or more) in one of the three databases:

If you are located in a country with a Construction21 platform (Algeria, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Morocco, Romania, Spain) use the matching platform. Otherwise, publish your case study on the international platform in French or in English.

3. Select the categories (more below) that best match your project’s strong points. In addition to their chosen categories, all candidates will be eligible to the User’s choice award and to the Grand Prizes (jury’s decision).

4. Detail a minimum of one solution per building, district or infrastructure, that matches your category choice.

Contest rules

An employee from PHI presenting an award on stage at COP23 in Bonn

Passive House Institute’s Camille Sifferlen presents an award at the Green Solution Awards ceremony as part of COP23, 2017

Apply before June 8th!

Submit your projects

Figures from the Green Solutions Awards 2017

Review of the 2017 edition

Passive House at COP23

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